Surf Shacks - KM Home
Surf Shacks - KM Home
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Surf Shacks - KM Home
Surf Shacks - KM Home

Surf Shacks

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Surf Shacks offers a glimpse into where surfers dwell apart from the waves. Whether cabin, Hawaiian hut, or even New York City apartments, these surfers' homes emulate their bold, creative, and imaginative personalities. 

This book approaches surfing from a different angle, exploring how surfers' homes and communities serve as an extension of the surfers themselves. It makes the perfect addition to any coffee table, stacked in a bookshelf, or to page through to feel whisked away to a surfing community. 

  • Hardcover 
  • 9.75 x 1.31 x 11.25 in 
  • 256 pages 

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