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Paper Incense

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  • This special set of 6 incense comes in a sleek black container and includes a non-flammable felt mat. 
  • Black No. 01 Relax -  Reminiscent of a quiet forest grove, this scent is perfect for deep relaxation. Vetiver relieves tension, and cypress calms the mind.
  • Notes of: vetiver, cypress, hiba, bergamot. 
  • Diameter: 3.82", Height: 1.42"
  • Paper, Felt

Why you'll love it - The paper incense promotes relaxation, increases focus, and lulls you into a deep sleep. Place one on your desk, in your car, near the entryway or anywhere a touch of fragrance is desired. A HA KO Paper Incense makes a welcome gift for friends and family. 


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