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The Spring Cleaning Edit

posted 2022 Feb by

The Spring cleaning edit

Can Spring cleaning really be fun? We've actually come to love it! Feeling organized gives us a sense of calm, elevation, and creates more time to focus on what matters most. Explore a few of our go-to tips below with a feature from Shira Gill of Minimalista!

ease into it

Get in the groove by starting in smaller spaces such as your laundry room that have a single purpose but often turn into a "catch-all". This is also an opportunity to look at the cleaning products you keep in your home. As many of us now know, there are TONS of toxic chemicals in cleaning products such as laundry detergent (and we live in it through our clothes... yikes!).

Reimagine your closet(s)

Shira Gill of Minimalista recommends spending time in your closet spaces that sometimes as operate as a home for unwanted goods or clothes you feel unsure about. Shira advises: "If you only have fifteen minutes to spare, try one of these quick fixes: Set up a donation bag and toss in any items that you’re ready to let go of. Relocate seasonal or occasional-use items to the back of your closet to make room for your spring favorites."


Sort your clutter! We like to incorporate a four-category approach where you place your items into categories: Trash Donate, Store, and Keep. To keep the process streamlined, remove "Trash" and "Donate" items as you go.

make a creative list

The feeling of removing items we don't want or need is amazing... BUT you may start thinking about how re-incorporate new items for a refreshed, home-y look. As you clean, grab a notepad (or your "Notes" app) and categorize each room with a list of possible items you may want to replenish your space with for a new look.

Stay tuned for a very exciting in-store event with a special organization guest... Can you guess who? We can't wait to share all the details soon!